Few screenshots of Ruffnut and Tuffnut from DOTDR

and they are SO adorable and badass!! omfg! Ruffnuts SUPER CUTE face in the last one!! <3

I very like Hiccup and Astrid, but…uh…I mean, I love HttyD and I don’t expect that Hiccup has to quit the field, but all the Fishlegs/Snotlout/Ruff/Tuff-fans forces a YAY, if the char could stand in front somewhere in the series in one episode. And yeah…all the secondary characters are very secondary in HttyD2!
I’m a Tuffnut fan and was waiting for a crazy Tuff-moment the whole time. And i guess, the Fishlegs-Fans was waiting for a moment of Dragon acknowlege and the Snotlout-Fan haven’t a moment of fluff there.
And it’s kind of mean, to have the feeling, that the other only have a chance to win the races, if Hiccup or Astrid isn’t there!
I don’t want to be upset, but sometimes…. see Tuffnut non-interactive in the background (especially in HttyD2) makes me sad.

You know what they say, you cant make an omelet without breaking a few legs.
Tuffnut (via swiggityspooks)



OKAY! I saw this set of spoilers of the Thorston twins! from DOTDR! X

I’m SO Excited! I’m fangurling so much, going SUPER CRAZY for the twins! Like WOW Tuffnuts sexy expression and adroable eyes!! Ruffnut and Tuffnut looking all badass and awesome!! >w<!! AND WOW OMG! I love the twins! and I’m SO excited 2 watch DOTDR!! *w*….. <3

Feel yo bro!XD


..some Thorston twins from DOTDR…

*shocked family with intes screams*


Hey! What do you guys think of my face paint?

Thats awesome, Babe~!

Can I have my twins? Pretty please~?!?


Okay…so did Spitelout survive the ice blast from the bad Bewilderbeast? Inquiring minds want to know here!